PM FASTrack® Cloud - PMP® Exam Simulator - Version 9 - 12 Month

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PM FASTrack® Cloud - PMP® Exam Simulator - Version 9 - 12 Month
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PMP Certified!
I just took the PMP certification exam and passed it! I bought the complete package: Prep book, Hot topics and Fast Track simulator. What to say ... It works!
Thank you Rita... Review by Roberto Tagliani / (Posted on 9/23/2020)
Well worth it. Wouldn't have passed without the exam simulator
Excellent product. I purchased the exam prep book and the exam simulator. I don't think I would have passed the test without these two tools. I followed the study instructions exactly as outlined. I breezed through he test in a little over two hours. Review by Greg C / (Posted on 9/4/2020)
Worth every penny!
I have the "RMC PMP Exam Prep" book. The book, coupled with the PM FASTrack® Cloud - PMP® Exam Simulator , will help you do very well on the exam. I scored "above target" for all domains except for initiating where I scored "at target." If I didn't have the exam simulator to help me identify areas for improvement, I'm confident I would not have done as well. If you're worried about cost, think of it this way: It's more economical to buy the simulator than it is to retake the exam. Honestly, it's worth every penny.
My advice...go through the Prep book thoroughly. Do the exercises! Read through it a second time and, again, do the exercises. Skim through just the highlights the third time. Use the PM FASTrack® Cloud - PMP® Exam Simulator to pinpoint weaknesses. Go back to your study guide for those areas. Repeat. Take the exam and pass it! Review by Phatpenguina / (Posted on 7/27/2020)
The Exam Simulator is a must
I would advise anyone taking the PMP Exam to use this simulator and complete a number of full 4 hour tests. This will prepare you for the physical and mental challenges the exam will pose. The simulator was representative of the type of questions you will get. Review by Peter / (Posted on 12/20/2019)
Simplemente el mejor para pasar el PMP
El sistema de preparación de Rita es el mejor!! Lo que más me gustó fue la retroalimentación que recibes tanto en el libro como en el simulador para saber porqué la respuesta que elegiste es incorrecta y cuál debería ser la correcta. Con respecto a las fichas tienen errores mínimos en cuanto a traducción, pero en el fondo el contenido es bueno y ayuda a reforzar tu aprendizaje. Garantizado que apruebas al primer intento
Review by Rocio / (Posted on 5/19/2019)
Sure shot way to clear PMP
I used both Rita PMP Exam Prep hard bound edition along with 6 mth subscription of online PMP Exam Simulator. The concepts were explained in lucid manner in conversational style in the book and the Simulator prepares you with the Real exam experience with explanations and dash board status of your performance. Review by G Rangarajan / (Posted on 4/22/2019)
I took the RMC three day online boot camp. I followed the study plan. Took advantage of Fast Track and successful passed the exam. Fast Track definitely prepares you for the real exam. I could not have passed without RMC program.
Successfully Passed the PMP Exam Review by Maureen / (Posted on 3/11/2019)
This simulator has a quiz mode and a peek at anwer feature that is a game changer for simulated learning. Learning from this simulator is the biggest favor you can do for yourself. Go to the PMP exam prepared. Do not show up to a gun fight with a knife. S
Incredible Product. This along with the book is the gold standard. You deserve it. Review by Percy / (Posted on 2/14/2019)
Very positive experience - I can't reccomend this package enough
I work in a software IT company so understanding and applying major PM concept has been challenging for me. Rita's has helped me really understand how not only to learn these concept, but to fully apply them to my job and to test questions. Not only has the content been amazing, but the customer service has been phenomenal. This was an unexpected value add that I'll never forget. Good luck to everyone out there! Review by Hannah / (Posted on 2/11/2019)
Successfully completed PMP
I had used Rita's PMP Exam Prep for my CAPM back in 2014, cleared it first attempt without any trouble. This obviously made me buy the latest edition for my PMP preperation, I did not have to attend any external training. I just followed the book, nothing else. The mock exam is so close to the actual PMI. My actual exam was a cake walk! I mostly scored above Proficient.

Thank you once again. Review by Nikhil Kumar Bantanahal / (Posted on 2/7/2019)
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